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How do I find a class?

Check our class listings. If you can't find a class in your area in our class listings, try your local community education centre.

How much are the classes?

Our class listings will show you the standard cost for New Zealand residents. Early bird discounts are sometimes offered so it may be worth enrolling as early as you can. Government funded classes may charge extra for people who are not permament residents. For any enquiries regarding the cost of classes please contact the people organising the class.

When do classes start?

Classes at community education centres usually fits in with school term dates. Check our class listings or your local community education centre's brouchure. It is often wise to sign up for a class before a term starts.

How long are the classes?

Classes at community education centres usually run for approximately 8 weeks during school term times. Some places run classes over two terms (16 weeks) or a full year (32 weeks). Each class is usually two hours long held once a week on the same day and time (e.g. every Monday at 7pm).

How long until I pick up NZSL?

During the first year of community education classes you will learn how to make basic converstation such as introducing yourself, exchanging personal informaiton, describing other people, giving directions, talking about activities and making requests. Beyond this you can continue to learn more by using NZSL with Deaf people and going to more advanced classes.

Is there anything we can do at our workplace to improve our services for Deaf people?

If your workplace is happy to provide a one-off workshop, you can ask a private tutor to teach NZSL. For a more in-depth programme you can contact Deaf Aotearoa and request a Deaf Awareness workshop.

What are possible job opportunities?

If you are interested in working with Deaf people, your NZSL skills will come in handy. Some possible job opportunities include: NZSL interpreting; teaching Deaf children; being a Teacher Aide for Deaf children; social work for Deaf people; or working for a organisation in the Deaf Community.

I know some sign language from outside of New Zealand. Does this mean I can pick up NZSL easily?

Some people, fluent in their own native sign language, can pick up NZSL easily. However there is a transition period before one can become fluent in NZSL. How long the transition takes depends on how often one socialises with Deaf people in NZSL.

I know Australian/British sign language. Does this mean I can pick up NZSL easily?

Even though there are a lot of similiarities between Australian/British signs and NZSL signs, one need to keep in mind that NZSL is a separate language. One should take time to get used to NZSL signs, slangs, and their way of signing NZSL.

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