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Established in 1993, New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association (Inc) is a national professional organisation for New Zealand Sign Language Teachers and interested people who support the mission and goals of our organisation.

Your membership fee will assist with the administration expenses of NZSLTA i.e. Postage, photocopy, stationary, etc. with the aim of keeping you informed about current NZSL teaching issues.  Outlined below are some benefits:

Professional Support

NZSLTA supports your professionalism by providing professional development workshops when possible, information on NZSL teaching courses and other related courses.

NZSLTA National Workshops and Conferences

NZSLTA provides national weekend workshops or conferences every year or two to support your professionalism of being a good NZSL teacher to share ideas in teaching methods and experiences. NZSLTA may invite experienced lecturers form New Zealand and overseas to give you a better opportunity to learn from a different angle.

Information and Networking

By joining NZSLTA, you may be able to share information on NZSL teaching and to network amongst NZSLTA members.  From the networking, you may be given guidance, advice, information and support from other NZSLTA members, nationally or locally, on aspects of NZSL teaching, with their experiences of teaching NZSL.

NZSLTA Newsletters

You will be keep informed on the progress of NZSLTA: updated news on NZSLTA members nationwide and up to date information on events, workshops, courses, general meetings, funding, and any new development of NZSL resources.  Newsletters are produced about 4 times a year.

Networking with Other Deaf-related Organisations

NSLTA works with other Deaf-related organisations with a common goal to raise the professionalism and promotion of NZSLTA member, the status of NZSL and the support from other organisations.

NZSL Resources

To make your NZSL teaching easier, NZSLTA has developed some NZSL resources e.g. Units 1-6 and Unit 7-12 DVD student workbooks.  (See page)


To access TeachSign for your resources


To increase the fluency of your NZSL students, NZSLTA provides NZSL Silent Weekend Camps, giving NZSL students an opportunity of using NZSL in the real world interaction with Deaf tutors and Deaf volunteers.  The camp activities may include a mixture of language and outdoor activities as well as drama or storytelling activities.

NZSLTA Website

Launched in February 2003, benefits include:

  • ·         Free classes advertising for members only
  • ·         Discussion section for NZSLTA members only
  • ·         Range of information and latest news related to NZSL teaching
  • ·         Updates on workshops, conference and training
  • ·         Direct order of NZSLTA resources
  • ·         Job vacancy section

And more…. Check out the site now.

The Work of NZSLTA

With your membership support, the Executive Committee meet regularly to plan strategic plans for NZSLTA to improve the benefits for NZSLTA members e.g. organising national workshops, developing more NZSL resources, camps for NZSL students etc.  The more members we have, the better the service we are able to provide and promote our language.

If you would like to become a member, here is the bank account:   
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